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My name is Peter Beens, TPD Engineer at VIRO’s Groningen branch. I studied Mechanical Engineering at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. I have always been very interested in machines and how they work, as I find it so intriguing to see how a group of components can perform a certain job together. The reason I chose the Mechanical Engineering course was that I wanted to acquire more knowledge and skills, so I’d be able to design the machinery or products that I have always found so fascinating.

I ended up at VIRO after attending an introductory day for companies and students, which was organised by Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Here I got talking to Klaas Krol, Group Leader in the Mechanical Engineering department at VIRO Groningen.

I was really interested because as a starter at VIRO, you get involved in a lot of different activities so you can learn a lot. During the interview, I said that I expected to graduate in about a year and a half. I had only graduated two days previously when Klaas called me to invite me in for a job interview. After two enjoyable interviews, I could start my adventure at VIRO.

At the moment, I am working at VIRO on a project for ASML and am doing Fast-track for their NXT and NXE machines. Fast Track ensures that small modifications can be made to machines in ASML’s PDM package. This may range from exchanging bolts in the 3D CAD model to developing a tool trolley that is used while the machines are being assembled. The challenge this assignment sets is that you have to understand the package being used at ASML and how the flow of information associated with each component is properly and clearly managed. Sometimes it looks like a huge jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. Although finding the pieces and putting them in the right place is a major challenge, I’m fortunate in that I can count on plenty of support from my colleagues.

The atmosphere at the Groningen branch is excellent. I have got great colleagues who are always up for a chat and are willing to help me if I have any questions. This is fantastic, as I usually have quite a few questions about the complex system I work with for ASML. There is an informal atmosphere among colleagues and the management, and they organise some great activities, such as the VIRO family day and mountain bike clinics.

Simply put, VIRO is a great place to work, and everyone actively plays their part in keeping it that way.