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Enjoying your work boosts your energy levels and makes you feel good about yourself. What is it that makes a job enjoyable? This is all to do with finding the right job and having good promotion prospects. Developing your talents. Growth, appreciation, and job satisfaction. The VIRO Academy is there to help you to mark out your own route. ‘Engineering your career’, as we would put it. Because if you play to your strengths, you’ll perform at your best. That means we all benefit.

The VIRO Academy is a digital platform on which you can find all you need to know about the development opportunities available at VIRO. Personal development is a broad concept. It’s about more than simply following training courses. As well as training, other factors that play a part in your development include knowledge, experience, and competence management. It is for this reason that the VIRO Academy rests on four pillars: Career development, Training centre, Sharing knowledge and Job rotation.

Times change, insights change, our markets are changing, and VIRO is changing That’s why the VIRO Academy keeps on developing, just like you can do at VIRO!

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VIRO Academy

Grow on a healthy basis

The VIRO Academy stimulates and supports the personal development of our colleagues. That is tailor-made and involves more than just training. Matters such as knowledge, experience and growth are also part of this.

That is why the VIRO Academy consists of four pillars: Career Development, Training Centre, Sharing Knowledge and Job Rotation.

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The VIRO Academy continues to develop, just as you do with us

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VIRO Academy

Our VIRO Academy in practice

Jacob Vlasma Branch manager - Careers (EN)

Jacob Vlasma

Branch manager
career development

From engineer till branch manager

When Jacob first arrived at VIRO, he worked on some fantastic projects under the supervision of experienced engineers. He was quickly promoted to group leader, then head of department, and then office manager.

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During my job interview, Martin said to me “if you take the opportunities that you come across, you’ll naturally progress”’.
training centre

Developing interests into competences

Kay chose VIRO because of the diversity of its clients and projects. Being new to the job market, this was a great way for him to discover what his ambitions were and in which areas. He soon became interested in the organisational side of things. Kay sat down with his supervisor to draw up a Personal Development Plan, so that he could follow his own path and work toward becoming a group leader.

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I went over my Personal Development Plan (PDP) with my supervisor to show which direction I wanted my career to take."
Kay Wilmsen Group leader Mechanical Product Design - Careers (EN)

Kay Wilmsen

Group leader Mechanical Product Design
Rick Romp Senior Engineer Engineering Analysis - Careers (EN)

Rick Romp

Senior Engineer Engineering Analysis
job rotation

From mechanical engineering to engineering analysis

After six years at the Mechanical Engineering department, Rick was eager to know more about the ins and outs of Engineering Analysis. This switch has given him knowledge of both areas of work and has made his job as an engineer even more interesting, as he's now able to connect these two worlds.

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Working in the Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Analysis departments has kept my job interesting. This is partly due to the variety and partly because of the interaction between the two departments",
sharing knowledge

Familiarise your colleagues with the matter even better

Stefan had the opportunity to set up the shipbuilding department at the Groningen office. As part of a co-development with De Voogt, Stefan first spent eight months at the client's premises to familiarise himself with their working methods. Stefan's on-the-job training meant he could pass on the knowledge he acquired to his own team. The team still meets weekly to share knowledge and experience.

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I see training on the job as an efficient way of sharing my knowledge and skills with my closest colleagues".
Stefan Rauws Naval Architect - Careers (EN)

Stefan Rauws

Naval Architect

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