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Do you think that technology can always be improved? Do you like pushing boundaries and getting the most out of yourself? Do you enjoy working with other people on complex projects for exceptional companies?

Are you interested to know what options are open to you at VIRO, or would you like to find out more about our company? VIRO has several offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Feel free to ask our talent specialists about what opportunities exist at the office of your choice.

meet us

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Portrait of Yvette Koerntjes - Viro Group Yvette Koerntjes

Every time I welcome a new colleague into our organisation, I get a good feeling. And the fact that I have contributed to that gives me great satisfaction.

orange-mail-icon[email protected]
orange-mail-icon+31 6 29713524

Pin iconArnhem
Portrait of Celeste Romijn-ter Haar - Viro Group Celeste Romijn-ter Haar

Would you like to know more about the vacancies and development opportunities VIRO has to offer in the Randstad region? Then contact me and we can discuss your requirements and the possibilities within VIRO without any obligation.

orange-mail-icon[email protected]
orange-mail-icon+31 6 23892087

Pin iconBeverwijk
Portrait of Annelies Venema - Viro Group Annelies Venema

I love helping people by providing them with career guidance, finding out who you are, what you can do, and how we can help you achieve what you want to achieve. How can we find your dream job together?

orange-mail-icon[email protected]
orange-mail-icon+31 6 48565117

Pin iconGroningen
Portrait of Janine Toerse - Viro Group Janine Toerse

At VIRO I am combining my interest in people and tech. ‘I'd love to have a personal consultation with you to find out how your wishes and development tie in with our career opportunities.

orange-mail-icon[email protected]
orange-mail-icon+31 74 8504050

Pin iconHengelo
Portrait of Maureen Keemers-Wigger - Viro Group Maureen Keemers-Wigger

I'm proud of my roots in Twente and think it’s important to help students and experienced workers settle here. VIRO is a family company, and we make no secret of it.

orange-mail-icon[email protected]
orange-mail-icon+31 74 8504052

Pin iconHengelo
Portrait of Astrid Peeters - Viro Group Astrid Peeters

As Talent Specialist, I like nothing better than to connect engineers to the challenge they are looking for. Together, we find a match for you within the range of opportunities at VIRO.

orange-mail-icon[email protected]
orange-mail-icon+32 487 357783

Pin iconHerentals
Portrait of Monique Neilen - Viro Group Monique Neilen

Would you like to know what possibilities VIRO has to offer? Call me or email me, by clicking the 'apply directly' button so we can explore the possibilities together. Who knows, maybe you will find a new step in your career with us!

orange-mail-icon[email protected]
orange-mail-icon+ 31689912863

Pin iconOss
Portrait of Esmeralda van Santen - Viro Group Esmeralda van Santen

I do my work with passion, love, and enthusiasm, and I think it’s important that someone’s character fits the company culture and that you are patient with one another.

orange-mail-icon[email protected]
orange-mail-icon+31 6 29713805

Pin iconSchiedam
Portrait of Tessa van den Hoek - Viro Group Tessa van den Hoek

As a Campus Talent Specialist, I contribute to the growth and development of talented students and start-ups by providing them with opportunities for professional growth in the workplace

orange-mail-icon[email protected]
orange-mail-icon+31 6 29100416

Pin iconSchiedam
Portrait of Bas Blanken - Viro Group Bas Blanken

I would be happy to tell you more about VIRO and our vacancies. Are you interested? Feel free to contact me. I hope to see you soon at our office for a personal introduction!

orange-mail-icon[email protected]
orange-mail-icon+31 6 38580415

Pin iconZwolle
Portrait of Aniek Vroomen - Viro Group Aniek Vroomen

Curious what the possibilities are for you within VIRO? Feel free to contact me! I will gladly take the time to get to know you and to find out together what the most suitable opportunity is for you.

orange-mail-icon[email protected]
orange-mail-icon+31 475 850900

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