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Developing myself at VIRO

My name is Jasper Witteveen. In February 2020, I started as a TPD Engineer in the Mechanical Engineering department at Groningen office. From a young age, I have been interested in engineering. I am curious about the design of objects, which is why I enjoy tinkering with things. This meant that I quickly reached a decision on what I wanted to study, which was Mechanical Engineering at the NHL Stenden Hogeschool (University of Applied Sciences) in Leeuwarden.

At a business fair at NHL Stenden, VIRO caught my attention and I struck up a conversation with Klaas Krol — a Commercial Manager at the VIRO Groningen office. VIRO appealed to me because they are active in many fields within engineering. As a result, they have a lot of in-house knowledge and you can learn a lot as a starter. During my graduation period, VIRO invited me for an introductory interview. After a few more interviews, the choice was made; after graduating, I could immediately start working at VIRO’s Mechanical Engineering department.

A challenging assignment

The first few weeks were all about learning and I received great support in this. Gradually, I was also tasked with working on a variety of different projects. This included my contribution to the development of a recycling plant. The assignment consisted mainly of making 2D and 3D designs of conveyor belts, chutes, and platforms. Through my work on this assignment, I could put my technical knowledge to good use. It was quite a challenge to work on a complex puzzle with a team of engineers. Regular contact with project managers, lead engineers, and other colleagues allowed me to ensure that my piece of the puzzle was a perfect fit.

My vision for the future is to further expand my knowledge and gain lots of experience. Furthermore, I hope to work on fantastic projects that will make the world a little nicer and better. I am in the right place for that here at VIRO, because I get the chance to develop myself here. I have since become a Junior Mechanical Engineer.

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