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Graduate for Engineering Analysis Assignment

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Looking for a company where you can do a five-month graduation internship? Look no further than VIRO! As an Engineering Analysis Graduate, you’ll contribute to solutions that help to build the world of tomorrow. Under the guidance of an experienced engineer, you’ll be inspired and challenged, gain hands-on experience and discover various aspects of the profession.

During the WAAM steel deposition process, the material properties are affected by the cyclic thermal cycles (heating and cooling) introduced by the process itself. This means that the WAAM-based deposited material is subjected to different thermal processes during printing, which can affect the final microstructure of the printed or deposited part. The resulting material properties are therefore largely dependent on its thermal history, which additionally depends on size, deposition strategy used and process conditions such as thickness, length, height, or heat input.

VIRO requires a thermo-mechanical model that is able to analyse the mass-heat transfer during the WAAM steel deposition process. The corresponding material properties at elevated temperature should be considered during simulation. In addition, the constraints such as clamping, heat sink (environment as the base plate and table) should be taken into account as boundary conditions to simulate as close to the actual experimental conditions as possible. The strain-stress values are expected to be validated through deflection and other strain measuring techniques. A simple structure such as a tube and flat plate will be designed to be WAAM-deposited for validating the developed model.

The goal is therefore to develop a model that can provide numerical or analytical results, or a combination of these, so as to enable basic geometries in the WAAM process optimisation.

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What we ask of you

  • Opleiding - Careers (EN) You are an enthusiastic MSc student in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Aviation Engineering or Maritime Engineering
  • Ster - Careers (EN) You have a background in material science and an interest in model building and numeral simulation (e.g. FEM)
  • Ster - Careers (EN) You have an insight into material specifications, production methods and manufacturing techniques
  • Ster - Careers (EN) Affinity with the structural analysis of anisotropic materials
  • Ster - Careers (EN) Experience in at least one FEM package (such as Simcenter (NX), Femap or Ansys) is a plus
  • Ster - Careers (EN) You are proactive and readily provide your input on process optimization

What we can offer you

  • Viro iconHigh-tech projects with plenty of room for innovative and sustainable ideas
  • Viro iconEnthusiastic, professional colleagues and an open, pleasant atmosphere
  • Viro iconControl over your own career through our VIRO Academy
  • Viro iconExcellent opportunities and facilities to work from home, including work-from-home allowance
  • Viro icon35 days’ holiday
  • Viro iconCommuting allowance
  • Viro iconExcellent pension provision with Nationale Nederlanden
  • Viro iconGroup health insurance via VGZ
  • Viro iconOur active staff association will ensure you get the rest and relaxation you need, plus plenty of great stories at the coffee machine
Graduate for Engineering Analysis Assignment

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The Vlaardingen office is an ambitious and growing branch with a young team who work together and help each other where necessary. Colleagues often meet – even after working hours – to do game nights, go running, grab a beer or take on an engineering challenge. There is plenty of freedom for you to take the initiative, develop personally and provide your input on how to develop our office.

The Engineering Analysis department focuses on FEM calculations and strength calculations mainly in the field of mechanical engineering, offshore and amusement rides construction.

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Esmeralda van Santen - Careers (EN)

I do my work with passion, love, and enthusiasm, and I think it’s important that someone’s character fits the company culture and that you are patient with one another.

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