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Investing in your own development

In the four and a half years that he's been at VIRO's Mechanical Engineering department, he has worked for three different companies in the high-tech industry on five different projects and has followed ten courses. ‘Work here never turns into a grind – it's always changing, and I keep on learning,’ explains the alumnus of Mechanical Engineering working at the Echt office.

Jordy Delsing loves to learn. That is why he likes working at VIRO so much. VIRO develops entire modules and components for clients from the international high-tech industry. Some of this work is done on location, some is done in the Echt office, or one of the other locations owned by the engineering firm. ‘I am gaining a wide range of experience both because of the range of projects and the different people I work with,’ says Jordy who was hired by VIRO after completing his Mechanical Engineering degree. ‘At my most recent job at ASML, my lead engineer had over twenty years of experience on projects he has worked on around the world. This teaches me things that I otherwise never would have known.’

Jordy Delsing: “Work here never turns into a grind – it's always changing, and I keep on learning.”

Jordy Delsing - Careers (EN)

Gaining a broad range of experience

In the projects, he sees enough depth. ‘If you work for one company, you focus in even greater depth on the technology. As I can look behind the scenes at a few different companies, I get a broader range of experience. At ASML, I already worked on three of the seven machines.’ Each time I start, it takes a little adjustment on my part as each company has its own working method. ‘However, I'm getting increasingly quick at making the adjustment.’ When you have some experience with the common 3D CAD packages, the start of a new project is quick.


VIRO invests significantly in education and training. Jordy says, ‘When you start, you have to follow the Geometrical Tolerancing course as well as a training course in communication.’ So far, Jordy has completed around ten courses – partially during working hours and partially in his own time. ‘VIRO has its own VIRO Academy with an entire database of training courses to choose from. If there is enough interest, then a course is scheduled.’

Part of the team

Depending on the project, Jordy can work a number of days on location at the client, a few in the VIRO office in Echt, or work a few days from home. Wherever he works, he feels part of the team. ‘You really get the sense that you are an employee rather than just a number. When a new project starts, they check to see if you are a match for it. And if you are really not the right person for it, then there is always the opportunity to work together to look for something else.’ That's because VIRO does everything it can to keep employees involved in the company. ‘People have a positive view of you. I feel supported and know that I am never left to fend for myself.’ The engineering firm also offers him plenty of opportunities when it comes to his career. For example, he could choose to work towards becoming a project leader or a group leader. Alternatively, he could develop further in the area of design. The possibilities range from TPD engineer and junior to senior engineer. ‘The best thing about it is working for other companies, while being secure in the knowledge of your employment at VIRO.’ Jordy has already made his decision. He wants to further pursue development in the area of design. ‘I prefer solving complex puzzles to supervising other people.’

-- Source: Alumni Zuyd Magazine 2020 --