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From Industrial Design to Mechanical Engineering

My name is Arno van Dijk, and I began working as a Junior Mechanical Engineer in the Mechanical Engineering department on 14 June 2021. I have always been drawn to inventing and working out new things. It started in the workshop of my parents' farm. Many an appliance, bike, moped, and machine passed through my hands there. During my Industrial Design studies, the techie in me further developed and I ended up focusing more on function than on form. I focused my attention on finding new solutions and making them a reality.

A pleasant introduction

After completing my studies, I started looking for a job and my preference was for one near Enschede. I soon found out that many companies in Twente are industry-oriented. For this reason, I felt it was obvious to focus even more on the technical side because of my background (Industrial Design). That's how I eventually came across VIRO. I found out that a good friend’s former roommate already worked at VIRO at the time. After a long and engaging conversation with him, I was enthusiastic. He was happy with his experience of switching to Mechanical Engineering as an industrial designer and he was enthusiastic about the pleasant working atmosphere at VIRO.

It has been a while since I started working at VIRO, and I am learning many new things. I think it's cool to get an inside look at the high-tech industry. Last but not least, the collegiality and variety make for a very pleasant working atmosphere at VIRO.

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