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Projects in all technical disciplines

Where can you apply your knowledge most effectively? For graduates who are still looking for an answer, an engineering firm is a fantastic option – take VIRO, a valued partner for many leading technology companies. VIRO works on a huge range of projects and offers great opportunities for you to grow as an engineer.

Jan Truijen (25) is a Junior Engineer II at VIRO’s Engineering Analysis department in Echt. ‘We’re the calculation department at VIRO, and we also work internally for the other departments.’ Jan studied Mechanical Engineering at TU/e in Eindhoven, specialising in Mechanics of Materials. He completed his Master’s degree in October 2019. ‘I did a lot of coding in my final year. But alongside programming, my other focus area was on 3D printing and calculating strengths using the finite element method (FEM). I went to company lunches to learn about the market during my studies, and my friends and tutors also provided a lot of information about different companies. While looking for a graduate position, I kept my eyes peeled for companies that worked on special, unique, and challenging projects like in the TV programme Extreme Engineering. I also wanted to work in the area between Eindhoven and Sittard.’


‘I first heard about VIRO at a company lunch, but I only knew it as an engineering firm. One of the job sites I used posted a vacancy for a FEM analyst – precisely the field I wanted to work in. After my first contact with VIRO at the Hengelo head office, I got a good impression of the company here in Echt when I talked with the head of the Engineering Analysis department. He explained how everything works here and told me about the different projects and opportunities for me. What stood out to me most were the relaxed working style and the opportunities to work very independently. I like awesome, bigger-is-better, challenging engineering projects, like roller coasters, dikes, the Palm Islands in Dubai, and mega structures. These are obviously world-famous projects, but VIRO’s presentation also showed a couple of examples that got me excited.’

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Trust in employees

‘I had an instant click with the department, and I really appreciated how it places trust in its employees in terms of their own schedule and day-to-day work. You’re immediately given responsibility for your own work. VIRO also gives you the opportunity to submit your own research proposals. This obviously needs to be in line with customer demand, but there’s still so much freedom for you to grow. I really liked that.’

‘VIRO is a close-knit team, and I’m really enjoying being part of it. We mainly work on modelling and engineering for projects for other companies. Despite not having our own production facilities, we get to work on challenging projects for both small companies that don’t have their own FEM analysts and large companies that outsource work. It’s that variety of projects that makes working here so much fun.’

Team with VIRO colleagues

VIRO works for customers in different fields of work, such as Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Projects, Project Management, Engineering Analysis, and Routing. Some projects last two months while others last four years. As an engineer at VIRO, you can choose which projects you want to work on. Where you work is determined in consultation with the customer: it could be on the customer’s premises, at VIRO’s office, or alternately according to requirements.

‘VIRO is an international engineering firm. It’s really different from a secondment or temporary work agency that assigns you to a company. Some of my colleagues even work on a customer’s premises to help them with assignments for which they don’t have the capacity or knowledge in-house. I make my calculations for projects for customers, but I also work in a team of about fifteen VIRO colleagues,’ says Jan Truijen.

Do you think VIRO offers enough opportunities for you to grow?

‘Yes, precisely because you’re able to contribute your own ideas and determine your own path. VIRO also lets you work at the office’s other departments if you want, but you can also grow within your own department. Many of my colleagues have quickly moved up the ladder after a few years.’

What kind of people is VIRO looking for?

‘It’s always an asset to be fairly critical and have your own opinion. They want people who aren’t afraid to have their own, individual views. You should be critical of your own work, but also willing to share your opinion on the work of others, and not be scared of criticism. You work on your own project and are also part of a team. In return, VIRO gives you the opportunity to follow your own path, to plan your own time, and to work on your own growth. I really appreciate that freedom and trust!’